Julie Bridger Photography | About
Photography has captured my imagination ever since I was a little girl watching my father feverishly adjusting the settings on his old Praktica camera ready for the next great family photo. Although I had dabbled here and there with, at first, film cameras and then digital in the past, I had never really got serious about the fascinating world of photography until my father sadly passed away.

Finding his faithful Praktica neatly packed away in an old cardboard box and looking through hundreds of his photos and slides sparked a renewed interest that has flourished within me ever since. From the moment I took the plunge and spent all my savings on my first Canon 450D, I was hooked. I couldn't wait to get it home, read the manual (ok, maybe not straight away) and start taking pictures.

Since then, Im now a proud owner of a Canon 5d mkii, with virtually all of my spare time and most of my spare cash for that matter, has been spent honing my skills and developing my ideas. Whether, I am on the beach looking for that elusive perfect sunset or standing in a church graveyard till 2 O'clock in the morning (including on my wedding anniversary; its true, ask my husband!) just to get the right night sky above an ancient church, I am always trying to push my skills to the edge.

My website gallery contains what I consider to be my best work and is organised into the various themes that I have explored.

Do I have a favourite theme? Well yes; to be honest I always enjoy getting good shots of landscapes. Some I just leave as shot straight, out of the camera, others I like to embellish to convey the mood of the photo at the time I took it. I believe photography is an emotional medium and I see no harm in enhancing a shot so that the viewer can get the full sensory experience of that captured moment in time.

Please feel free to browse though my gallery and if you would like to purchase a picture, or two, most of them are available in the shopping section.

I am always happy to share my knowledge, so if you think to yourself 'I'd like to take that picture' then why not take one of my half day courses and I'll show you how - even if you are a complete beginner - as I used to be.

You can contact me on juliebridger2002@yahoo.co.uk