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Digital Landscape and Night Photography Courses



Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate in digital photography, my Digital Landscape Photography workshops are designed to give you both an informative and enjoyable experience. Workshops are based in and around Hampshire, This area is closely packed with a variety of stunning locations. We will concentrate on improving your photography through the use of new photographic techniques and putting them into practice.

I try and keep my eye on the weather forecast for a few days before a workshop takes place. If the weather looks like it will be really bad then your course can be re-scheduled to another day at no extra cost to yourself if you wish to do so.

If your family or friends are struggling to buy the perfect gift for you, why not suggest they buy you one of my gift vouchers. They can select any value they wish from £50 upwards and it can be redeemed against any workshop of your choice. If the value of the voucher exceeds your chosen workshop I will refund the difference or it can be credited towards another workshop. If the workshop exceeds the value of the voucher you can use it in part payment.


What you will learn

  • Improve your digital landscape photography by taking creative photographs that really capture the moment
  • Understand your camera and all its functions which will allow you to shoot on manual mode and obtain more professional results
  • Obtain a good understanding of focus points, correct exposure, metering and depth of field issues
  • Use of ND filters to ensure the correct exposure between light skies and darker foregrounds, one of the essentials for good landscape photography
  • Understand how to see photographically and know what works well when photographing landscapes
  • Understand the rules of composition and how to obtain a well balanced and structured image
  • Understand the benefits of shooting in RAW against jpeg


Materials and Equiment

  • Your own digital SLR camera and its instruction manual. 
  • Spare batteries if you have them
  • A good supply of memory
  • Any lenses you have
  • A tripod if you have one but I can supply if necessary
  • Warm and weatherproof clothing and boots is a must as the weather can be changeable
  • Notebook and pencil (unless you have a good memory!).