Julie Bridger Photography | Picture Restoration

Due to the paper manufacturing processes and framing practices of the past, many works on paper, documents, drawings, maps and photographs are now brittle, acid burned, faded, torn and stained.

By saving your maps, documents and pictures on a disc you can protect them from future damage, allowing you to store the original document or picture in a safe place.

Most of us have old negatives, slides, glass plates or creased photographs in the loft or in a drawer that have special memories of someone or someplace.

Why not preserve those memories for display now or for future generations, at a reasonable cost.  

Fix rips and tears for photo repair

Remove creases, crinkles, folds and scratches

Remove stains, discoloration, specks, & smudges

Fix water damage

Fix fading to restore old photos

remove text or watermarks

You will receive a detailed and undamaged version of your cherished Memories